Join Us for the Mercury Election Night Party! TUESDAY!


Be sure to have a serving of crow with a side of Hertz Donuts on hand, in case SJR shows up.
Why would I want to hang around a bunch of lint lickers while they drown their sorrows in pints of PBR?

I'll be there. Hahahaha. Just kidding. Definitely not my scene.

I cast my vote today and it felt GOOD. Don't hate. You guys have a 51/47 shot....
And Garran, I gave you a like just because you managed to use my name without some sort of "fuckwit" comment.
Oops. My bad. SJR is a fuckwit.
Shit. And NOW you have liberal street cred!

I'll like that comment, too. Just because it was actually witty.
hang around a much of dim wits who make fun of peoples faith and a paper that supports a loser that has ruined this nation ... the mercury is a lousy paper because its so biased