When Paramount abruptly decided to delay the release of their G.I. Joe sequel, they said it was because they wanted to post-convert it into 3D. But the real reasons might've been (1) it is terrible, and (2) Chatum, who was in the first G.I. Joe and thus killed off early in the new film so the Rock could take over, suddenly became super popular thanks to 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, and Paramount realized they'd be fools not to squeeze in some more Chatum. Anyway, there's a new trailer, and it looks exactly the same as all the other trailers, except there might be one or two more shots of Chatum? I can't really tell. All I know is that I'm going to pretend this movie isn't actually a G.I. Joe movie but instead is a team-up flick starring the Rock's character from The Rundown and Chatum's character from 21 Jump Street. With ninjas.