Republican Ballot Tampering Alleged in Clackamas


Kudos to whoever dropped the dime.
but i thought election fraud was such a non-issue that any talk about extra oversight should be regarded as nothing more than alarmist, partisan nonsense.....??

it'll be just as 'surprising' when we uncover other instances of fraud because of voting machine 'malfunctions', lax voter identification checks, etc.

we are not to be trusted -- we need overseers for our overseers, and then overseers for those guys.....paper trails, receipts, more random audits, harsher penalties, etc.
@2: voter fraud, not election fraud. "Extra oversight" in the case of the laws being passed means making people go out and get IDs (for which they may not even have the proper documentation) to ensure that the person voting is who they say they are. That is the kind of fraud that is virtually nonexistent. None of the new voting laws would have had any effect on this kind of insider fraud (which, yet again, is being perpetrated by the very party who's always trying to protect us).
@ theterminizer:

agreed. i didn't mean to imply that the new voting laws would've had any effect in this particular case, but rather to state that we need laws and oversight in place that would.

both election fraud *and* voter fraud appear to be 'virtually nonexistent' until we discover otherwise.

let's hope that this case is an isolated and rare one.
Voter fraud is the "don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain". Republicans know that they don't have a chance without fraud.

There have already been reports out of FL & OH regarding shady shit that's been going down.

Check out,, & for most of the coverage.

Hell, Palast even wrote a book about it called "the best election money can buy" that outlines all of the dirty tricks they use to try (successfully at times) elections.

And that goes beyond gerrymandering districts to the advantage of republicans.
I intend to ask for a replacement ballot on Monday morning. Any voter can do this in Oregon. I think it would be a very good thing if great numbers of registered voters showed up demanding this opportunity to cast a virgin ballot.