[MUFFLED STOMPING] Hey! HEY!! Quiet down! We're trying to run a blog down here!! Ahem. Sorry. Now, what were you saying?

Since you moved in, there has been a storm of noise from your apartment. You stomp up the stairs, walk around at all hours in your boots or heals, and despite living in your apartment for almost 3 months, you continue to hammer things into the walls almost every day. You can't even check your mail quiely. You are constantly yelling, slamming, throwing and annoying those around you. Also, you park like an asshole.

[MUFFLED STOMPING AND UNEXPLAINED BANGING] I'm sorry, I couldn't hear a word you said! I'm telling you, it's those asshole rockers over there on the End Hits blog making all that racket!! HEY ASSHOLE END HITS BLOG!! SHUT UP OVER THERE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST!!! Sorry. Do you have a... I SAID, SHUT THE FUCK UP OVER THERE!!! Ugh. Do you have a rant or confession you'd like to share with the world? Then drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog, where... OH MY GOD, WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE BE QUIET?!?!?