Nate Silver: "Obama led in 19 battleground state polls today. Romney led in one."


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Doesn't matter because the Republicunts are going to STEAL the election anyway.
Wow, ROM. Didn't expect you to be so negative. Obama isn't doing that bad, unless the media is misrepresenting the state of the election.

No matter what, it will all be over tomorrow.
I'm full of surprises and negativity.

Hopefully it's over tomorrow! Hopefully the Tagg Romney E-Voting Machine Company doesn't experience any glitches.
"Suck that liberal dick" isn't negative?
Most liberals love sucking dick. If I'm guilty of anything, it's pointing out the obvious. I can provide a link from the Merc regarding glory hole enthusiasts if I'm pressed any further. I really don't care as long as people are responsible about gobblin' the knob.

Not negative. I'm positive liberals love sucking dick. Just ask one. Then unzip!
The revelation that Romney had no chance to win will be like the revelation that Sarah Palin was actually an idiot who thought Africa was a country (which is true) - it was plainly obvious to anyone objectively paying attention, but entirely ignored by people who project their own ego on to national politics.

Just go back to early spring time, it was clear that Ron Paul had the best chance to beat Obama, whereas Romney and Santorum had 10%-20% chances. Santorum had a better chance than Romney, but you still can’t google Santorum’s name at a Christian school. Romney tested very poorly among all classes except rich old white men. Meanwhile, Ron Paul represented something entirely different, and entirely opposite than the fascist neo-conservative agenda.

This post by Charles Mudede is the most informative political commentary on the Mercury for a while. Though, I disagree with the Rove analysis. I think Gary Johnson is actually going to get a sizeable 5%-10% turnout in traditionally red states, and that's who Rove will blame. It's going to be Ross Perot / Ralph Nader all over again.

I actually wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Republicans split into two groups after this election. You can’t drive and support warfare while still pretending you support small government – most Americans have caught on to this now.
Best not to address him directly like that, PDXwahine. He's in beast mode right now - one day left, emotions in a frenzy, pot-belly askew, eyes darting to and fro and just waiting for anyone to make eye contact with him so he can latch on and shake some sort of reaction out of ya.
You're projecting again stjohnsrules on 11/05/2012 at 12:00 PM, you know you really wanna suck that cawk, and suck it mean.

It's always the most vocal who do what they decry and accuse others of doing.
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Let them try to spin it as Sandy's fault. I hope they do. It just demonstrates that Republicans can't and don't want to govern.
Good analysis FA. The possibility of two Republican factions is quite tangible. I also disagree with the Rove analysis.
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