1. The Romney Mega Prayer uses SCIENCE to convince evangelicals to pray for a Romney victory tomorrow. I love this chart:

Lets see Nate Silver try to debunk this!
  • Let's see Nate Silver try to debunk this!

2. Meanwhile, in other faiths, Peruvian shamans have made their predictions:

The 12 medicine men and women in traditional Andean dress gathered Monday at the top of Lima's San Cristobal hill, where they burned incense and rubbed a poster of Obama with flowers and the plant common rue, which is supposed to bring luck.

Meanwhile, a poster of challenger Mitt Romney was assaulted with maracas and a sword as the shamans sang, whistled and danced in a circle for journalists, who came and went as the ceremony continued.

For what it's worth, I think these Peruvian shamans are at least as good of an indicator of the election as your average cable news pundit.