A Bipartisan Post About Election Day Panic


you should put quotes around 'bipartisan' in your title.
Ok, Merc. You do realize the New Black Panthers are designated a hate group by the SPLC?


It's funny how fucking inclusive some people perceive themselves to be and then turn around and minimize hate from one race toward another. That is beyond hypocrisy. That is as stupid as stupid gets.

Paul Constant should be fired for this shit.
SJR: Cry me a river.

Fuck Fox News and it's false outrage. ONE NBP and they get their dander up? This shit has got to stop - from FOX, MSNBC, or whoever.

Paul's point stands, people like you who had it whoosh right over your head. Both sides are going to find something to be outraged about today, and then overblow it.
Then stand for hate, dude. Nothing at all "whooshed over my head". Minimize it all you want but hate is hate and Paul Constant's remarks are pathetic and absolutely divisive. He isn't funny. He is a mouthy punk for the new liberal establishment. How do his comments bring people together? Answer? They DON'T. This makes people angry and divides people. It does nothing to help race relations. It only does damage. You think this fool is any sort of social intellectual? All he does is incite people and pit them against each other. Doesn't sound very "progressive" to me. I feel the same way about Glenn Beck and Hannity. So fuck you and your typical "Fox News" attack and cop out. That is lazy and dumb. I don't post anything about Fox News. In fact, it was PC above that did.

What would happen if a White Supremacist stood outside a polling station in Mississippi? What is really the difference? They are both despicable. The fact that your tiny, hate-filled brain can't make that distinction speaks volumes about you.

So it's ok to hate. As long as the hater is black and the target is white. Right? Do some research and then comment. Until you do that, you are seriously out of your depth here.
"I don't post anything about Fox News. In fact, it was PC above that did." -SJR

So maybe pdxMB wasn't talking to you right there?
Don't cherry pick, ROM. I was more concerned about the patronizing comment of "people like you who had it whoosh right over your head."

You may disagree with me, ROM. Perhaps on many, many levels. But even you know by now I'm not an idiot just like I know you're not an idiot. We just see things differently. I don't need anyone talking down to me when I DO know how the world works. I know that hate groups exist and I know that all of them do nothing but harm to society.

The NBP's can all rot in hell for their divisive actions and their so-called "agenda". These idiots preach violence against white people, including white babies. I have never done anything to a black person that could ever warrant such an attack. It is highly offensive to me that some pasty little jackass like Paul Constant minimizes the message behind this hate group and acts like white people are all "scared" because Fox News tells us to be scared.

As I said earlier, research the NBP and see what you get. Or google "kill white babies" and see what you can find. No matter what these people are garbage just like the KKK and Westboro and the Brown Berets and La Raza....etc. Fuck these people. It's time to stand up to them and chase them back into the holes from which they came.
When he's not being a homophobe (religious people own marriage) or a misogynist (buy your own BC, sluts!), he makes some sense...
I am thanking God after tomorrow you will not have this election to angrify and divisify you any longer.
After tonight, all posts and comments from both Constant and SJR will stop, right?
SJR - Are you sure they didn't just say, "Let's face it, black babies are way cuter than white babies. Here, check out these pictures if you don't believe me." And that was misconstrued by FOX as "white babies should die."


Okay, I just googled it and you are right.

I'm guessing part of why PC used that mocking tone in his post is because in 2008 FOX reported on a similar story and exaggerated the whole thing - then they later apologized for it. This was pre-"kill all white babies," mind you. But it was essentially a "oh crap, it's black people!" story. So we see them doing a similar thing this year, and it's easy to make a joke about it. FOX probably planted this dude there, anyway.
Congrats, fuckers. Now be amazing.
sorry, sjr.....

actually, i'm sorry that i'm not sorry.

he'll do better this time around -- don't worry.
Don't be sorry. We all have differences but it's how we work together that gets shit done.

I voted for Romney so I'm not responsible for the next four years....hahahaha

Keep it real. Work TOGETHER.
I voted for Pedro!:(