Another Family Resisting Foreclosure Evicted From Home


Pure evilness.
"The foreclosure and eviction were still being contested in court during the auction. The developer was trying to get them to settle for a fraction of the cost. But they knew that the foreclosure was illegal and decided to see the case through. They were offended by that offer because they were still shocked that the house went up for sale even though they were contesting the eviction."

This makes absolutely not sense whatsoever. A foreclosure is an entirely separate legal process from an eviction proceeding which is separate from an "auction" (which is when the foreclosure process stops and the house is sold to the highest bidder which is oftentimes the bank which can credit bid the debt owed). These "housing activists" have no clue.

If you are facing foreclosure, go see a bankruptcy or other type of lawyer. Don't rely on these folks to save your house because if they're involved, its likely already too late.
Thank you Denis, for providing a bit more information on the details of the foreclosure this time, though it is still pretty confusing.
@babygorilla: "us activists" know the legal terms... I am one of those "housing activists" in MN and nearly the same thing happened to me. I applied for a modification, they told me they were modifying my loan but, instead, the were foreclosing without even reviewing my modification app.

"copy and paste" the Sirotaks' story up to the eviction and it mimics mine. I sued the bank and Freddie Mac for wrongful foreclosure and got no where for almost 18 months. I joined forces with Occupy Homes MN and within FOUR DAYS had a settlement offer from FM.

So "us activists" do know what we're talking about. Do you research before you begin marginalizing groups who you're not familiar with.
This is based on LIES! Chase Bank did an unlawful extrajudicial foreclose & we were only recenly denied our chance to prove our case in court, by the maneuvers of Will Tucker's attorney. There is a list of irregularities we warned Will Tucker about before he went ahead & purchased, despite pending litigation. He knew damn well we were living in the home when he came over the next day to try & entice us to move out for $10,000.
The reality is that if the banks don't work with you and you cannot make the house payment then you have to move. Many people over the last few years have had to face that reality. Most don't put their family in jeopardy and just stay defiantly. They go and find reasonable living arrangements. Filing bankruptcy with or without including the house was another option. We all have to make tough decisions at times but most do it in honorable and respectful ways. Staying house for 3+ years without paying rent/mortgage is not honorable.
Why should someone "have to move" if the bank won't work with them? If they break the law, and the homeowner has to move, why would they follow the law? If the courts and the government aren't holding them accountable, are we just supposed to stand aside and watch, or do we stand up to the robber banks and stand up for our friends and neighbors?
I am proud of Will and Heather for staying in their home. What has been done to them, both by Will Tucker and the Sheriff infuriates me.
Housing is a human right- stay in your home.
Shame on the Multnomah Sheriff for what they have done and shame on Will Tucker.
Way to come through for these people, We Are Oregon. You got your moment in the alt press sun and they're living in a motel on their credit cards.…