Bill O'Reilly Mourns the Death of the Privileged White Majority


Back in March DHS ordered 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition...Then ordered 750 million more rounds of miscellaneous bullets. Defense spending is higher today than at any time since the height of World War II. The Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety.

Can Obama give me my own personal drone? I want stuff.…
Isn't Fox News killing MSNBC in ratings?

Just sayin'. And why are you harpin' on white people, Humpstyle? Got something against white people? Aren't you white and doing well? Maybe not Romney well but well enough for Portland hipster social circles?

Would you say that same shit to Herman Cain?

Priorities, man. Hate to kill your Obama buzz but get real and quit demonizing successful white people. After all, they built this nation and passed the laws that allow women and minorities to vote for their candidates. It could be much worse if smart white men didn't solve problems throughout history and promote the wisdom of diversity for no reason other than it was the right thing to do.

All of our founding fathers were rich white men. I think they did pretty fuckin' well drafting our Constitution. Though we're not perfect, that is something to be proud of.

As far as Obama goes, we will see if he is willing to work with the other side now. America isn't a dictatorship and people should not ever hold our economy hostage to further a political agenda. I'm hopeful we can all move forward now in a positive direction.

Until then, I'm happy to keep it real.
Shut up, idiot.
Why would you want me to shut up?
No one is demonizing white people, SJR. You, along with O'Reilly and the entire GOP, are missing the point.
It has been impossible until very recent history for anybody but a white male to be in power in the U.S.

No women or people of color framed the constitution. That is not to disparage the accomplishment of the men who did frame the constitution. But it is entirely possible that including women and minorities in the framing of the constitution might have had a different, but equally positive outcome. It may have even had a more positive outcome, since it would have obviated the need of several subsequent amendments to the constitution that were made to correct blind spots on the part of the founding father on issues of relevance to women and minorities.

To be clear, stjohnsrules, when we talk about the idea of "privilege" the kinds of statements you just made are exactly what we are referring to- you posit that white guys have been running things for a long time and they've done "just fine" but it is so difficult for you to see the simple truth that no one else was even legally allowed to run things, thereby making the successes of those men a narrow default option. We don't know which of history's brilliant women and minority men could have been capable of changing the face of history through their clear thinking, good governance and genius for public policy. Those potential "founding mothers" and minority "founding fathers" were chained to subsistence childcare and, in the most horrifying cases, swinging from trees thanks to the "good governance" provided by those "founding fathers" and the generations of men who succeeded them into positions of power.

Don't get me wrong. Jefferson was a genius and a gift to our nation. But for all we know the female Jefferson spent her life planning social occasions for some mediocre husband, never having had the opportunity to contribute her voice to the public conversation. And we can be quite certain that the black Jefferson spent his life and potential genius merely trying to survive a life of slavery or gross, crippling, state sanctioned cruelty.
I love how when the comment appears "Shut up, idiot." SJR knew it was directed at him. LOL!
I appreciate your comments, Trisha and I do understand what people like Obama and Hilary Clinton mean to the population. In fact, our last Republican president appointed a black woman as Secretary of State and I think she did a helluva job. I don't fear change in that regard. What I won't stand for is people acting as if they should be ashamed because they are white or because they are privileged in one way or another.

There is a trend amongst the extreme left that if you're a successful white male you must have cheated or stole it from society. That kind of bullshit rhetoric only divides people. Tell me something. Should we single out white kids in school now and start making them feel guilty for their ethnicity? Should we assure them that when they work hard and achieve things in life, it's only because people like Obama "made that happen" for them?

It's curious to me why someone like Humpty would use this medium to somehow demonize successful white men. How many of those men went to college, got good grades and worked hard to get where they are? That doesn't count for anything now? It only counts when they WANT something. Pay a little extra. Give a little more to the bloated, wasteful behemoth government to take care of people who don't appreciate their hard work. Why wouldn't they want to do that?

I don't buy the forced integration. I think integration of cultures should occur naturally in order to really take hold. Then you have organic diversity. That should make the libbies here really hot. The promotion of one person over another who equally qualified for the job due solely to racial ethnicity is wrong and counterproductive. That leads to animosity and division. To suggest that successful white males should feel guilty for being white or successful is complete bullshit.

I really enjoyed your comments, Trisha and I appreciate your take. I want our country to move forward. I'm disappointed that people have put social agendas before the economy but time will tell if Obama can finally work with the other side this time and get stuff done. Remember, the economy affects EVERYONE. That is why I voted for Romney. I want everyone in America to have success as long as it is fair and productive.
This country was built on slavery. So it was literally Black people who built this country including the White House.
Who was the architect of the White House? Without James Hoban, it wouldn't be there.

Slavery was fucked and a white man corrected it on January 1st, 1863.

Sure America has a few black eyes... black guys? Whatever. People of all colors have made America great. But don't discount the very people who made that happen. There are many good white men in this world and they deserve better than to be dismissed as "devils" and "greedy" for being prosperous, especially when that prosperity comes about honestly. Even more, people shouldn't expect white men to be happy about giving more to the government when that money is used against them.

I love my country and I have nothing but love for the framers of our Constitution. People can make the argument about "what if" all they want and I understand why they would do that. But history is history. We either learn from it or we're doomed to repeat it, I'm never going to feel guilty for being white and I'm never going to demonize anyone who is different from me, racially speaking. I'll do my part. Now, call out people who attack others for being white and you'll find a very capable ally in pursuit of your American dream.

Fail to do so and you get division, animosity and eventual social decline for all.

We all have the choice.
SJR - try Googling "white privilege". Your experience, your views, your perspective is not universally held. Here's a start for you...
This country was built on slavery, genocide, Chinese labor was used to build the railroads. Many white men prospered because of the exploitation of others based on race. I acknowledge this while being white. Guess what SJR you don't speak for all white people I certainly don't allow you to speak for me. You are truly in the minority.
And Black people didn't just wait for some benevolent white guy to come along. They wouldn't have been freed if they hadn't been fighting as long as slavery existed in this country.
So Abraham Lincoln wasn't a good president, according to you? After all, he eventually died for freeing the slaves. He deserves no credit at all. Is that what you are really saying here?

Hey. You guys can hate yourselves and white people all you want but that doesn't mean I will. I love white people. I love black people. In fact, I stood up for poor black Portland in another blog here. Liberals and Obama haven't done shit for poor blacks in these last four years. Nothing.

Why is that? Poor blacks vote and then get nothing. And yet you self-loathing hypocrites want to lecture me?

Be proud of who you are. There is no reason to attack white people and pit them against anyone else. Good leadership brings people together. I know you haven't seen that in a long time here and nationally, but good leadership does exist. All you have to do is call people on their bullshit and things will get better. Standing by while people lie to get elected will only serve to promote and environment of untouchable, arrogant corruption. How does that help minorities? How does that help the economy? Where are the results of your self-described all-inclusive leadership? Where is black prosperity? White people here in Portland are buying up a great deal of real estate in close-in NE, displacing poor blacks from their historically black neighborhoods. That's fair, though. Right? I know this city well. I knew Mississippi Av years ago and I've watched it change dramatically.

Police your own ranks and be fucking cool or I will kill your buzz.