Local Portland and Oregon 2012 Election Results


Eight years ago, anti-gay marriage ballot measures helped turn out conservative voters and defeat the Democrat Presidential candidate. This year, we have a president who endorsed gay marriage, and he was just re-elected.
Multnomah County was 75% Obama and 21% Romney, according to that link. That's the detail I was looking for - posting it here for the lazy.
"but Multnomah County had the second-lowest turnout in the state: 53 percent. "
We can vote by MAIL here. Why are people so fucking lazy about voting?
I think you might have seen an aged ballot return sheet Ms. Mirk. The one you linked to shows an overall ballot return rate of 81%, with MultCo at 80.2%.

(Sorry to pick nits again.)
With regards to voting, I don't think it's laziness. I think it's disillusionment with our government. Free Cascadia! http://cascadianow.org
53%? In all sincerity, fuck you. If you want to claim your hipster disillusionment and detachment, fine but I never fucking want to hear you bitching about any political issue. As another commenter pointed you can fucking vote by MAIL here..how fucking lazy and emo are you if you can't even commit to that? Obama won on electoral votes and you did precious little to contribute (because of how it works) so stop fucking patting yourself on the back.