"Soon America Is Going to Suck for All of Us"


"Sweet and savory, with delicate notes of -do I detect rosemary?"
Understandable sour grapes. But still, we shall see. The way I see it, half of America is happy. The other half? Not so much. Whatever happened to "united we stand"?

Are we still the "United States" or warring factions bent on self interests that divide the population?

I voted for Romney for good reason and so did many others. To antagonize people the way Paul Constant does only divides people. Obama scored a re-election victory but our country is horribly divided.

Compromises must be reached and people like PC must be taken to task for their bullshit rhetoric. Obama only achieved re-election. He hasn't done shit else yet. In fact, the Dow is down this morning.

Remember, the economy affects EVERYONE. A win for your ideology is nothing if you can't pass bi-partisan legislation to get this country going again. Social issues are DIRECTLY affected by the economy. Investors don't like Obama or his divisive policies so even besides gridlock on the Hill, he has much to do to recompense for his mistakes regarding the wealthy and those who invest the money that create jobs. Without that, sure he may pass token laws but in the long run, the entire country will suffer for it. Which is more important? So pass comprehensive immigration reform and gay marriage. Then what? You still have a big fucking problem to face.

I hope he gets it right. His track record isn't good but he's all we got now. If he won't compromise, we really are all fucked. The people that control the wealth of this country will not give it up so easily. Try to force them to do so will lead to serious hardship for America.

See term one for details.

One last note. Any time Cleveland is a major player in a National election is fucking frightening. Red or blue, that's the fucking truth.
Thanks, professor.
SJR - he spent the last four years attempting to compromise (reach across the aisle), but it doesn't work because congress sucks and all they care about is making it look like the democrats haven't been effective. I wish he would attempt to compromise a lot less. But that's just not the way he rolls.

Whatever happened to "united we stand"? Yeah bro, American JUST NOW got all divided. Before now we were all totally united. Do you REALLLLLLLLY see our current division as something new? Because it's not! Wake up and smell your revisionist history and failed argument that the rich "investing in our country" is going to bring about greater wealth for all - smells like shit, huh?
Great analysis, Dumb guy!

No matter stock market investment has risen considerably since '08 but no matter, dumb guy! I'm sure your strong independent mind will locate a newsmax.com link that counters such facts with "facts!"

And why is the Cleveland area's role in the election so frightening, dumb guy? Cleveland's a struggling major American city like the hundreds of others that helped shape the election, dumb guy. Why is it any more "frightening" than Dallas, TX or Jacksonville, FL? And if you chose to think Ohio was THE key to the results last night (it wasn't, turns out), isn't the way results rolled in more a matter of timing? What if Cuyohoga County was first to be counted and not last? What if Hamilton County, home to more conservative Cincinnati, was last to be counted? Would that be as "frightening," dumb guy? What's your solution, dumb guy?
Whoa there. I, for one, would like to extend an olive branch to SJR after a very close election.*

* The olive branch is sticking out of my butt, and I'm laughing a lot and saying "SUCK MY BUTT."
Obama wins re-election and Commenty Colin WINS my affection! (That was my Jesse Jackson SR. impersonation)
Ahhhhh.... I call you Community COLON for a reason. Back that ass up....

I wouldn't expect civility from you rat bastards. While you're dreamin' about what a second term is going to do for your divisive social agenda, the economy still needs to be dealt with.

Who is going to help out with that? Anyone? You in the back? Hello?

You people have no idea what you're up against. Your leader has no more power than he had before. He won't be able to pass shit without proper compromise. So where are we? Off to an awful start today. Can't fade them early Dow numbers now, can we? How will you ever spin that your way?

That's all Bush's fault, anyway. That fucker creamed the economy and now we can't fix it.

To The Shit Whisperer: Man, your breath must stink from all the shit you talk. And how is that "dumb guy" routine going for ya? Is that really the best you can do? You're like a Downsy parrot. Dumb guy dumb guy. Duhhhhhhhmmmmm guuuuuuuyyyyyyy. I feel very, very sorry for your parents. Why don't you show them how astute you are at debate? Show them your little comments here? On second thought, maybe you should just stick with fingerpainting with feces.

Lastly, but not least, congrats to you ROM. I hope this shit goes well this time. To everyone else who is legitimately moderate and a good sport, here's to you. The rest of you cretins can eat a bag of smashed donkey assholes.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Bag of smashed donkey assholes.... Got it.
Them Dow numbers?
Might have to do with the fact the John "I'm going to do whatever I need to to make America suck and Obama fail" Boehner got on the teevee and said; "About that compromise bullshit? Shove it up your ass cause it ain't happening."
That's scary. And the job-creators know it.
I'd add that any talk of Democrats behaving in a divisive manner today is drowned out by the legions of Republicans on the internet right now going on and on about how the country is "dead," the country is "over with," and nothing at all will stop it.
That's the paradoxical thing about conservatives: they always bet against America.
So piss off the job creators and see where it gets you and your almighty, GR!

Seriously. Enough fucking excuses. Piss or get off the pot.

Speaking of pot, I voted FOR marijuana legalization. With a name like Spaceman, I know you feel me, dawg. Can I get a hell yeah? Up top? Don't leave me hangin', bro! Aw, man....

You fuckers are a great source of entertainment. I really did vote for pot. For reals.
You missed a chance to be a better person, Rich. That's on you.
That didn't make a damn bit of sense.
I'll tell you exactly how it ends, SJR. The job-creators will continue doing what they've been doing for 4 years: stuffing the Cayman Islands so full of their record levels of excess cash that it pours out in China. "If I can't have it, no one can!"
Pardon? Bro?

For months you have done nothing but hurl abuse ranging from knee jerk right-wing rubbish to name calling to some actually quite frightening rapey shit.

It's a pretty leftist blog for a pretty leftist paper in a pretty leftist town, and I can absolutely understand the kind of alienation that might put on you, but you really need to consider what it looks like to us when you use the word "divisive".

Mercury: I know this whole Angry Troll vs Paul Constant, Sam & Diane thing is great for ad revenue, but come on. Lose the like/dislike bullshit, mind the comments, reconsider farming your stories from Slog writers.
Many times over the past few months -- and as recently as Oct 18 -- SJR posted that Mitt Romney was going to win the election. SJR frequently posted why Romney was guaranteed victory. Every time SJR was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. SJR's track record is abysmal. So, why the hell should anybody take anything SJR has to say seriously?
SJR: Please stop trying to write like you think the youngsters talk. "Yo, I'm from tha streets of St. Johns, dogg. Hey, I'm down wit G to the O to the Pizzle but also the legalization of marijuana. For reals, son!"
It's as embarassing as when your boy Romney tried to ingratiate himself to black youth by saying "Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Bling-bling!" Better yet, just shut the fuck up completely unless you have something intelligent to say.

By the way, the entire activity of the economy is what creates employment, not the people sitting at the top of the economic hierarchy who pull jobs out of a hat because they're good people who want to help America. "Job creator" is spin to deflect anger at the 1% and distract from the issue of huge disparities in income.
I may have been wrong about the election but it was close close close. Why is that? Because Obama is such a great leader? He cobbled together votes out of a seriously divided nation and arrogant fuckers like you want to declare victory? BARELY 50%. For an incumbent. I'm sure you have plenty of excuses for him but he relied on negativity and division to get there. Those are not leadership skills. Those are the moves of a dictator attempting to pass unpopular laws in a time of crisis. I'm hopeful that attitude will now change but if it doesn't, then I hope the House confronts him directly.

Mitt Romney lost the election but Obama didn't exactly win anything but another chance to do something great after four years of division and gridlock. Ultimately, he is the leader of the free world and if he can't lead us all to prosperity, then get the fuck out of the way and give the reins to someone who can.

Obama is pretty much a four year lame duck if Congress doesn't change in 2014. That isn't a position of strength for liberals, cocky as some of you have become now. But it IS an opportunity to compromise. I'm glad he was put in check. The popular vote reflects that. But people will turn on him if the economy gets worse and he doesn't work with others to get the job done.

For that I'm thankful. For that, I'm glad John Boehner is there.

Woo Hah! Put that ass in check!
The election is over, can we all just agree to shun this sorry fuckstick until he gets tired of talking to himself?

Seriously, would the good people of Blogtown be willing to ignore all posts by SJR and Paul Constant (who is no better, really)?

It was funny at first, but now we're just being suckered.
i think paul and sjr's input should continue as is.

even better, sjr should be given his own post to publish for every one that paul puts out, and vice-versa, a la 'hannity and colmes' -- then we'd have a nice, even balance of zealotry in blogtown.
"I wouldn't expect civility from you rat bastards," says SJR, yet he doesn't have the decency Romney has in disappearing into a corner and not bothering everyone else again.
Why do you want me to disappear? Can't handle the truth? I know that's the real reason you want me to stop posting. Because you want to sit here and talk shit about good people as if you know what you're talking and then go back to your miserable lives, smug in the notion that you're somehow doing something good for society.

I'm more concerned about the big picture here. I'd rather have a peaceful society than deal with a bunch of self-aggrandizing tools who gloat over a victory which has yet to produce any real tangible good for the entire country. Yet here I am, having to set the record stright for my neighbors who read this blog. They deserve the entire truth, not this one-sided garbage that doesn't produce any positive result.

Black unemployment is still way up. In fact, right here in Portland, black families are being forced out of historically black communities because housing prices have skyrocketed far above what they should be. So blacks have to leave for the fringes. Now many of poor blacks are in SE out by the MAX stations. Chase the problem but never deal with it. Right?

How about getting off your lazy, entitled asses and help black people in a real way? I feel bad for black people because poor black families haven't had any real prosperity come their way in the form of good jobs. Why is that? In this all-inclusive city.....why are poor blacks being left behind? Do you liberals really care or are you using black people to further different agendas on the liberal hit list? Votes are votes. Right? In fact, you can lie to get elected in Portland as long as you live a certain lifestyle. Then you are a protected class, free of any real responsibility for your actions.

Obama hasn't done anything for poor blacks, either. Yet you simple-minded fuckers act as if you're the conscience of the world. All you're really doing is lazily participating and then watching the world go by while real American families suffer. That's ok as long as you pass your divisive agenda in the name of "progress". Great. For YOU. Gotta get yours. right?

I'd rather see poor blacks get gainful employment and move up and even open their own business some day. That would give them choices of where they can live and with whom they socialize. It all starts with the economy, people.
Woohoo! Gay marriage just got approved in 3 states! We are changing America, for the better! Acceptance is the first step.

Fo mo years!!