The Movie was Okay, but Nate Silver Spoiled the Ending


Math ruins everything.
So the point of this article is to point out that people make predictions about elections based on polling and probability using the same map of the US that the electoral college uses (which is the map of the US)? Amazing!
That's what you got out of the article? Wow. It must be weird to look at the world and not see anything.
Let's be honest: The article blew my mind. I'm envious of all the people in the sports bar above me right now whose minds remain unblown. I'm curious what will happen when I look at the world now that I've read it, seeing everything so vividly, as it is seen through your eyes.
The article also is a kind of digest of the hottest election-related jokes going around right now. Bronco! Witchcraft!
In my opinion, though, Alex missed an opportunity to throw in a "Romney in mom jeans" reference.
Nate Silver predicted he would miss such an opportunity weeks ago :(
Alex, I just want to say thanks for posting funny stuff. Blogtown's been a little srs of late - "look at this stupid politician!" followed by intense/annoying/endless comments. I feel like there hasn't been enough entertainment-related content, or hilarious videos, or contests where commenters can make up silly stuff. So it's cool that there are some fresh funny people on board, like you and Ian. So, thanks!

That said, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't interview anyone for this story.