What Would Republicans Do to Not Vote for Chris Christie?


"...then I promise it's back to work."

And remind me what it is you do around here, aside from this kind of shit? How many months will it be before you start in on the next election, totally avoiding any political issues that don't have to do with prominent, easily mocked politicians rather than actual politics?
Can we FINALLY fucking get rid of Paul Constant since the election is over?

Please make the PC/SJR stop. Please.
Please stop reporting on anonymous comments left on other blogs.
For reals, nobody cares about this kind of political coverage here! I'm sick of seeing the same national election crap that's reported everywhere else, it isn't why I read Blogtown, and the more of it that Paul Constant spams out, the less I read Blogtown. He doesn't even work for the Mercury! I can understand letting Dan Savage post here, but please fucking get rid of Paul Constant!!!
Pretty much what the other comments have said. Boom, outta here.