When Obama Won, the South Shook Itself Awake, Tried to Rise Again, and Embarrassed the Hell Out of Itself


Sounds about as bad as your average Occupy Portland/anarchist march... Though at Ole Miss they all settle down and have mint julips afterwards.
Jack, you are a douche.
@Bogdanski - you're a moron. If this was football team victory, the riots would be twice - no, ten times the size.

Did anyone catch those race/occupy rights in San Francisco the other week? Oh wait, those had nothing to do with politics, people rioted because the Giants won a game.

Now get off your soap box, and just shut the fuck up, asshole.
Sorry, it was wrong of me to compare what happened at Ole Miss to an Occupy Portland march.

If it was Occupy Portland there would've been much more damage and the Ole Miss campus would smell like feces. Oh, boo hoo...
BoJack is still alive? That's a surprise. The dumbshit perspective on things, not so much.