Sorry About Your Several Million Dollars: The presidential race overall cost six billion dollars. That's a waste for everyone, really, but the people with the least to show for their millions in donations are Karl Rove's big-money Republican friends.

FIRE HIM. What is Karl Rove's job on Fox News, exactly?

Who Will Be the New Hillary? Some top contenders, assuming Clinton does step down from her job, as she planned to.

Flat Earthers Out: More good news from the election is that nine of the twelve Congressional candidates with the worst environmental records lost their races.

How is Nate Silver Such a Wizard? Digging into the stats magic behind the man who predicted the election with eerie accuracy.

Some Political News We Can All Support: Joe Biden will make a cameo on Parks and Recreation.

A New Storm for the East: With cleanup of Superstorm Sandy slogging on, a new storm called Athena has left thousands without power.

One Soldier, 16 Dead Civilians: The sad trial of Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of shooting 16 Afghan civilians in a bizarre massacre, continues on.

Confronting a Murderer: Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords will speak to the man who shot her in the head during his sentencing.

Times Are A Changin': It's not just the economy—Americans really are driving less these days.

AND We're Eating Fewer Cheeseburgers: McDonald's sales drop for the first time in a long time.

... But Hopefully More Cart Food. A cluster of carts open at SE 28th and Ankeny. Yum.

Goodbye, Kirk Reeves: The beloved Hawthorne Bridge performer who died this week is remembered in several moving profiles. The man in the white suit and Mickey Mouse ears made an impression on a lot of Portlanders. RIP, Kirk.