Portland Will Get New Taxis for the First Time in 10 Years


If this increase in the number of taxis means that there's an increase in my chances of finding a cab driver who knows how to navigate to fairly major intersections like 39th and Division without my having to give turn-by-turn instructions, then I welcome it. Criminy, people, it's not even a large city!
Apparently council also bumped up the per-mile rate from $2.30 to $2.60. One might have hoped that an increase in competition would yield lower fares.
Belmont, when the city is setting rates, supply and demand kinda don't matter.
@tODD's first comment: Last time I took a cab home from PDX, dude straight up handed me his GPS and had me type in the address, didn't even ask where we were headed.
Belmont, those are maximum rates, not required rates. There is nothing stopping a taxi company from setting lower rates. They tend not to, of course, because there is so little competition.