President-Elect Romney's Transition Website Briefly Went Online


What exactly are you so fucking smug about, PC?

Division? Hardship for American families? People like Paul Constant are garbage. They prey on weak, young minds and then watch the country decline all the while blaming others and lying to people in divisive articles.

Kids should never be exposed to this fucking garbage.

If this is what "progress" looks like to you, you have a lot to learn. Progressive my ass. This is as regressive as it gets. Society loses when scumbags like this get to influence kids. It's one thing to have strong opinions. But PC lies. Straight up lies. I know I'm not alone in this assessment. I just expected better from the Merc.

Why not start publishing writers with a positive message? Keep it liberal all you want. Just change the messenger. You cannot honestly believe that people like Paul Constant are here for the greater good. Or do you want to teach your kids to be scumbags and kick people when they lose?

Tell that to little Tommy next time he wins something:

"Now, Tommy, go over to the kid you just beat and call him a loser. Then smile down at him like you're some fuckin' tough guy. Do it, Tommy. Because you're so much better than that other kid. Kick him again. That's it, Tommy. Good boy."

Imagine yourself in an alternate universe where people like PC can't project their failings as a human being on the rest of the population.
Imagine yourself in an alternate universe where people like SJR can't project their failings as a human being on the rest of the population.
Why don't you tell people why I have failed as a human being?

Let's hear it. In your vast wisdom. Why am I a failure?

Go ahead. Tell everyone. I bet you won't answer.
The Mercury Is...
Like Portland itself, the Mercury is decidedly independent. Our pages offer an insider's point of view that the city trusts. Bright, sometimes bruising, and undeniably funny, we detail local music, arts, and news with passion and authority. The Mercury is all over Portland; from restaurants to coffee houses, bars to clubs, theaters to retailers, laptops to desktops, and on every campus and street corner--we've got the city covered.

Independent, my ass. Look at this article and tell people with a straight face you're an independent source of media.

You guys need to do better.
See? Here is where you belong you dumb fuck. Stay!
I think it's pretty funny that this website was accidentally made live.
#3: you're a stereotypical internet troll who has nothing better to do with his time than to pound out his impotent rage in the comments section of a blog all day long.
Happy now?
Ok, Geo. I'll stick around. Thanks for the permission.

ROM: I'll acknowledge that you didn't acknowledge me. Quit laughing, fucker.

Unnose: WTF is an unnose? More like an anus. ananus. You have the nerve calling people a troll here. What the fuck are you doing for anyone here? Speak your mind beyond dumbshit attacks. At least I have the balls to say something. Just because you don't agree doesn't make me wrong or a troll. I strongly suggest you consider that PC is the real troll and that p.o.s. deserves to be fired.

You didn't prove anything to anyone except that you have nothing of real value to say. Only baseless, useless attacks. And you tell me I'm wasting my time? Why are you even talking to me?

I didn't wiggle my zipper. BAM!

Happy now? I know I feel better.

Seriously. How about some positive libbie news? Like "homeless guy from Pioneer Square finds a home" or "Green Technology jobs are on the rise, cancelling out unemployment for good" or " free vegan soup kitchen feeds the world from downtown Portland ending world hunger" or.....

Nothin'? Anyone? (crickets chirping)
Pretty sure no one reads any of your posts though....myself included

Now. Stay. Away. From. I,A. Stay!


Check and mate.
There once was a prick named unnose
From a hole in his head, I suppose
Calls people a troll
From another fat hole
So now he gets clowned on in prose
There once was a douchebag named Geo
Who thinks he's "the one" like he's Neo
But his code is fucked up
All he does is suck up
As he dreams of kneeling before B.O.
Oh. NOW you're quiet?
Schools out
if Romney really cared about jobs, he would have gone ahead with the fireworks show.