What Will it Take to Legalize Marijuana in Oregon?


Answer: Common sense
A state-wide Bongs-for-Empty Doritos Bags measure.

Bring in an empty bag, receive a free binger. What to pack in that binger? Some legal doja, of course!
I like the first comment.
I voted for it. Sarah is right, it was a surprise on the ballot but even then it's time for Oregon to legalize. If they put down the bong long enough to organize, I'll vote for it again.

The only problem I see is with employers, considering weed is still illegal according to Federal law. So what do employers follow? What about piss tests? The DOJ needs to come out on this issue and start giving states as much leeway as they need to implement the law and stick with Federal regulation oversight for those who traffic illegally on a large scale.

Leave Mom and Pop Stoner alone.
We should probably ask Jodie Emery what it's going to take to legalize. She has more to gain from the legalization of marijuana than any single person here.

Okay, but you can't overlook the rather large differences between I-502 and our failed measure.

Ours had no limit on personal possession, Washington's is capped at an ounce. You can't grow it yourself in Washington, ours would have allowed you to grow as much as you wanted. Washington has a new, very strict THC limit for drivers. And so on.

So, you know, it's possible that what Oregon needs to legalize marijuana is to make some concessions to the average Joe that is still scared of legalized marijuana. I'm not saying those concessions are reasonable, as such. But that's politics as she is played.
tODD, except that Colorado also legalized and has no DUI limit, also allows homegrowing (but it is limited, six plants, three of which can be mature) and allows possession of up to an ounce (although I am not clear if it allows you to keep the obviously more than an ounce that a plant is likely to produce, so long as you only have one ounce on you outside the home).

Frankly, Oregonians would have passed THIS measure if there had been money to promote it and explain it. It wouldn't have taken much....and 46% with virtually NO campaign? That is pretty telling...
The writing is on the wall. Everyone can see that legalization is inevitable. The Oregonian is finally right. The Legislature should make it unnecessary for activists to write another marijuana initiative by passing a reasonable law themselves. If they don't then we will mount a better funded campaign for a more moderate measure. The average stoner can help by contributing to the effort instead of expecting out of state billionaires to fund the campaign. Legalization will happen here as soon as stoners unite to pay the bill.
I like the idea of the legislature grabbing the bull by the horns and writing a law. hopefully one that doesn't enforce contrived limits and instead a lean, easy-to-understand one that effectively duplicates the system that exists for liquor. Until now, whenever legislatures have gotten involved in anything marijuana-related, they have pretty much botched things up because they were afraid, like true cowards, of doing something courageous and obviously right even if it meant being laughed at by other cowards.

If my understanding is correct, Washington won't get their law implemented until 2014, which might also give Oregon a window of opportunity to beat them to the punch and soak up all of the money that 100,000's of closet tokers from all over the world would happily spend in Oregon just to taste freedom. Once the first domino falls, I think the other states will quickly follow suit. There's too much money being left on the table. It sure would be nice if our elected representatives found their balls & passed a sensible bill sooner rather than later.

People need to get on the phone to their elected representatives though. Until now, they have been, almost without exception, defenders of the failed status quo. My Rep, Kurt Schrader is a good example. Cowards like that need to stop playing dumb and do the right thing.
"The Oregonian is finally right." LoL!
If I were in charge of the next legalization campaign, I'd harp on how great it would be not to be sending all these non-violent offenders to prison all the damn time.
And yeah, make sure to get a grownup to write the proposed law.
Don't follow Washington's lead. Follow CO's. Treat pot like booze; none under 21, no DUI, and tax the shite out of it.

The problem will remain the Feds. The biggest question over the next couple years will continue to be what do they do? Do they shut down and arrest purveyors? Does the state of CO arrest the feds, causing a major constitutional challenge? It could start getting interesting.

Of course, the feds could just remand the question of legality to the states. Then there will be a flood of similar measures.
The way it happened back in the day, was the fact that everybody was smoking it on street corners and passing dubies to strangers. The police didn't like being exposed as impotent, so it was decriminalized. There was no mass protests. No petitioning or refer-endums. Just a spontaneous movement of people doing what the fuck they felt like.