Can the Republican Party Become Less Bigoted?


The conundrum is that the only "republican" people who want to take such social-moral stands go into the political realm.

The rest just want government out of the way.

Thus you have two parties - one who wants government to dictate finances and morals, and another that wants just wants to dictate morals.
Don't get your hopes up on them reaching out to the LGBT community. They don't need to, and they know it; most of that community isn't likely to vote for them whatever happens.

They do however need to reach out to women and/or immigrants. Put your money now on Ricky Rubio being their nominee in 2016.
You know, I for one appreciate it when tools like Mssrs Akin, Mourdock etc. explicitly state what much of the Republican party actually feels. Usually they do it through coded language (and certainly the laws they tend to pass reflect this), but only some are dumb enough to actually say it.

Charlie Krauthammer wrote a thing this morning about just that: "candidates who talk like morons about rape." His suggestion is that they muzzle those who are too explicit, of course, and don't change anything about their actual stance. The GOP won't change: why should they? The Dumb need a party, too.
Also, I was wondering if the Merc was sending someone out to the airport on election night. I'd like to hear some more stories from that eve, Smirk.
What have Democrats done for minorities lately?
Will the Republican party will become "less bigoted" in the future? Stranger things have happened. After all, liberals now support imperialist wars, the silencing of whistle blowers, the NDAA, torture, NSA spying, GMO's and an infinite black hole of debt to finance all of it.
Probably not, especially if you look at the far right. Then again Spindles has some excellent bullet points. Both Parties suck in general and do not have your greater welfare in mind for the most part. Sorry to break that to you. Although many on here appear to be very intelligent you are also naive as hell sadly.
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