Powell's Partners with Kobo to Sell E-Books and E-Readers


That update seems weird. Isn't it actually that if you create your Kobo account via the link Powell's gives, your Kobo purchases automatically credit Powell's? That's what the site copy suggests, as opposed to needing to click through from powells.com for every purchase.
Rakuten is also the somewhat scummy conglomerate behind Linkshare, one of those ever-so-lovely affiliate link advertising go-betweens. That alone would be enough for me to mistrust Kobo (my experiences with Linkshare have been awful), but let's go ahead and admit that Kobo is a distant 4th place behind Amazon, B&N, and Apple in the ebook market – possibly even Sony. And what should THAT matter? Digital Rights Management. If you're into ebooks, but them from someone that you trust will still be around in 5 years. You'll be glad you did.
b!x, I got clarification on that from Sutton:

"[S]etting up the account via Powells.com won't permanently link the customer to Powell's, so if a person wanted to continue supporting us, they'd need to use the link every time, similar to most affiliate programs. It is our plan to eventually integrate the links into product pages and make it easier for customers to buy ebooks while browsing Powells.com. And this functionality really applies to people who already have an eReader and who simply want to buy eBooks.

If someone purchases a Kobo device at Powell's, they can shop eBooks directly on their device and those purchases will be linked to Powell's. Device purchasers do not need to use the link on powells.com."