Trailer for World War Z


So the zombies are super fast in this?

They look really CG. Maybe it will look cooler on the big screen.
Too many shots of the precious children and hot Mom.
I think the dynamics of the zombies look pretty fucking cool actually.
So are there any actual zombies in this zombie movie?
Zombies don't friggin' run. They just don't.

Do yourself a favor and grab the audiobook. So much better than whatever this garbage is.
i'm pretty sure there are zombies in the movie, blabby, but the ones most worthy of note will be filling the seats in movie theatres across the world come june.

i'll probably be one of them, though -- i'm not a zombie fella, but brad pitt has done pretty well at choosing good films to be associated with for several years now.
You know, Erik, you're right. I also think it would have been okay if Scott Pilgrim was actually a Romcom vehicle for Justin Timberlake who falls for an older divorcee with two adorable kids. I mean, even if it's still a parasitic piece of schlock that's only claim to the original work is that is about a male-female relationship, JT, AMIRITE?!
I don't really care but how has Max gotten this much play out of what is essentially a campy and kind of stupid book?
Looks very stupid. CGI zoms? Um, no. Definitely not going to see.