Good Morning, News!


My first reaction about Petraus' resignation was the same - why does a rinky-dink affair mean you need to resign? However, affairs are heavily disfavored in intelligence agencies since they create an obvious potential blackmail situation that can lead to the disclosure of state secrets.

The head of the agency, caught in an affair, can't keep his job AND credibly continue to deal harshly with agents caught in similar situations.
"Please stop making All In jokes."

Exactly! And no "four-star genitals" jokes either!
Nothing to see here, it's all "hyperventilation about "Benghazi". If you find Petraeus' sudden departure from the den of wolves a little odd, considering it was two days after the election and one week before he was set to testify under oath before power House and Senate committees regarding the Benghazi consulate, well you probably think the opposition in Syria is being run by the CIA....
The Repubs will spend four years spinning around chasing their tails creating Benghazi conspiracy theories, while any chance of running the country again slips further and further away from them. Carry on, Spindles!
I saw a taping of Amen in 1991. It was a lot of fun. Some friends of mine got Mr. Hemsley's autograph in a studio alley afterwards.