Apple iPhone Hoarders in the Middle of the Night


So you sleep in a car and sit on the sidewalk for three months, in the hopes of making $1,200 profit? This story makes me sad.
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Pretty sure you can't get an iPhone for $200 w/out signing a service contract thus reducing the alleged profit margin/night.
Don't you have to enter into a two year contact to get a phone for that price and then pay a contract termination fee if you get out early? I assume they don't and just deal with all the debt collection stuff later on. Great business model.
I got mine last week. A guy at the store told me to make a reservation online at the magic hour of 10 pm, and then I got an email in the morning that it was ready for me, then I went in to pick it up.

My brother, however, somehow managed to walk in and just get one a couple of weeks ago. I guess the hoarders had that day off.

I'm still wondering where these people in the U.S. are who are paying extra. It's not that hard to figure out how to get one. My friend in Miami, though, bought a bunch and sold them in Brazil. I don't think he did the lawn chair thing, though he did mention possibly flying to Puerto Rico to just to get some from the Apple Store there.
This is pathetic for so many reasons. It's probably more lucrative to just get a job in a burger joint in the long run. Of course, having a job flipping burgers is actual work, as opposed to sitting in your car guarding the sidewalk for days on end. Pathetic.
They aren't paying extra in the US. The phones are being shipped back to China to be sold. Ironic, no?