Days After Pepper-Spray Mars Protest, Another Marcher Arrested


Mm-hm. So, can we just go ahead and assume that "Black Bloc types" are cops?
I read Mr. Caleb's comments on Blue Oregon, and I am shocked to find out that he is an attorney.

I believe that Mr. Caleb is carelessly putting minors at risk by inviting them to a march where the Black Bloc is showing up. Caleb knows or should know that the Black Bloc rioted on Hawthorne and has a history of confronting the police. By inviting minors to a demonstration with an anarchist group known to be violent, Caleb elevates idealogy over the safety of minors.
People will not stand for this level of intimidation and fear. This coverage provides a much needed breath of fresh air to this story.
"By inviting minors to a demonstration with an anarchist group known to be violent, Caleb elevates ide[o]logy over the safety of minors." Pray tell, oh anonymous commenter, who this anarchist group is who is known to be violent and what violence they hath wrought to receive such a description.

Minors are affected by austerity just as much as anyone else in our community. In fact, the next generation probably has more to lose.

For the record, I prepared material about austerity and conducted media interviews before and after the day of action. I did little inviting. That was mostly the job of outreach groups that included very mainstream groups in Portland and Oregon at large. The day was essentially a parade full of music and fun until people started getting pepper sprayed.
Note that the police story has changed roughly five times in five different press releases. The article I wrote on BlueOregon details some of the changes.
we also have video of a cop spraying people 40 feet from the banners. they only had clearance to spray the banner teams. witch is messed up. being we have the right to assemble. we wanted to go in the direction where the cops where blocking. they blocked the march from where it was intended to go. witch is stomping on our civil rights.
NCaleb, you publish your long-winded tripe on the anarchist site greycloud. Do you really pretend not to know who the Black Bloc is? Do you pretend not to know about the
violence on Hawthorne 10-12-2012? I repeat my charge: you knew that the anarchists were likely to show up, and you know how the anarchists behave. However you feel about your trustafarian pals with the bandanas, only a real db would allow minors around the Black Bloc. You fail in your duty to the students, counsel.
"you publish your long-winded tripe on the anarchist site greycloud" What the fuck is greycloud? I published on BlueOregon, basically a Democratic Party website.

Look, it's kind of hilarious to me that someone who is going after the shady, anonymous anarchists is posting anonymously.

Here, have some more, because you obviously didn't read the article I wrote: "Whether intimidation or ineptitude, PPB's treatment of peaceful demonstrators takes place within a broader context of federal investigation of so-called "anarchists", violent raids looking for black clothing and literature, and on-going grand jury resistance. The FBI has also taken great pains to try to engineer terror plots so they can link "anarchists" to them. According to leaked FBI training powerpoints, they consider "anarchists" to be "criminals seeking an ideology". "Anarchist" is quickly becoming the new "terrorist", as was "Communist" before it, and "Hun" before it. One can only wonder how much of this viewpoint has trickled down into our local police bureau so eager to reduce what are complex social upheavals over legitimate issues to simplified words that can instill fear and allow the maximum of authoritarian leeway (they also serve as justifications for further institutional funding). It's why they are having trouble wondering why a middle class attorney/university professor who doesn't fit their categorical expectations is out in the streets demanding change. Your government is (again) making it very difficult to express messages of dissent at a time when they are needed most. Unsurprisingly, you don't hear about it from the mainstream media, but it is happening." (Hyperlinks in the original)
You say anarchist like it's a bad thing. Are you a cop, Anarchistssuckevenmorenow?
Caleb has no ties to the anarchists? Why is he on their site?
One last comment, Nick Caleb. Did you or did you not anticipate anarchists and minors at the anti-austerity rally?
To the person that has changed their name 3 times, you are utterly misinformed. Firstly, you speak of "Black Bloc" like it's some sort of gang. It's a tactic that is used around the globe by numerous people, get your facts straight. Secondly, they do not always consist of "anarchist kids" and whatever else is blowing from your talk hole.
Lastly, I would wager that you really don't know much about anarchism and it's roots in the first place, just what you hear from television and pop punk most likely. This is in conclusion to the "facts" you have blathered on about...without facts.
Here's an idea, maybe instead of trying to protect the asshats at the Portland Police Department, you could open your eyes a little bit and see why more and more concerned citizens are not falling in the same old trap of "I heart cops" anymore. They aren't to be trusted, it's an agency full of thugs with a record to boot. Why do you think the Department of Justice is investigating them, genius? Is the DOJ in cahoots with those rascally "black bloc anarchist kids" too?
Keep drinking your kool aid, you apathetic douchebag.
Anticipation is not Invitation. No body invites black bloc. They have a grievance just like most Americans, and they have a right to express it. Period. First contact was made by police. The confrontation the police presented was a stationary line blocking an avenue as a moving event approached with the "intent" to go in that direction. Did the police offer escort..NO! Was their "intent" to block and stop it or shall we say "suppress it"..Hell yes!!.. who's the aggressor?
To the anonymous commenter:

If you actually bothered to look at the article you linked to, it begins with "From Portland Occupier" and links directly to the original article there:…

Grey Coast (not "greycloud") frequently reposts content from other sources. In fact, it almost exclusively does so.

For someone who hates anarchists so much, you really don't pay much attention to the milieux.
You guys know that there is a connection between the Red & Black and the anarchists who rioted oh Hawthorne and the Portland Action Lab. The anarchists are stupid to document everything on Facebook. I stand by my comment that Caleb knows the anarchists will show up and fight with the police, therefore he puts minors in harm's way. Caleb is friends with the nest of snitches at the Red & Black. I am a leftist, you guys suck, and I can't wait until the folks that break bank windows go to jail and howl like little babies.
You know an argument isn't worth continuing when you present vindicating evidence and only receive "I stand by my comment" in return.
The cops are the ones that should be arrested. The only one's out there assaulting anyone were the cops. Criminal cops.
The so called "Black Bloc" were High School students, I was one of them along the front line who were pepper sprayed along students as young as 15, some who were there cause they saw it from the mall or were there to get credit for school.