Skyfall: In Which 007 Is Turned Into Batman


Javier Bardem is pretty Joker-y.
I've always said Batman is Bond with a cape. Not a bad thing. A crossover comic would be fun. Anyone? Anyone?
Yeah, the Bondcave was a bit much. AND the final shot of him standing on the roof, looking out over London.

Awesome movie, though. I want to buy that grey suit!
Now just imagine Obama parachuting out a helicopter with Batman at the Super Bowl. That’s a goldmine of entertainment!
Counterargument: Morgan Freeman in the Batmovies is straight-up Q.
You might as well throw in Bourne, too. And call Joseph Campbell.
I'm getting tired of seeing James fucking Bond show up in my Batman searches. I hate that burk with a passion. Shaken, not stirred and all that shit. Nolan opened this door with his dumb-as-a-pole Bruce Wayne getting his gadgets from Lucius Fox.... and I'm starting to hate him for that too. Don't put a paid assassin on the same pedastal as MY Batman, thank you very much. James Bond is nothing like Batman.