The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!


I had that same thought about the baby zombies and fully expected a playpen full of them, but then again I think that babies would be a KFC Popcorn Chicken - like snack for zombies so there are really not that many of them in that universe.
TRAINSPOTTING is not your favourite film, I'd guess.
Glad to see that Todd got the [Facebook] memo stating the US had lost its sovereignty and was reverting back to a British Colony. Colour is my favourite way to spell it anyway.
Thank god they found those 2 cans of formula! That should keep the baby alive for what, at least a few days?

Again, because this show sucks bitch balls, I can't help conceive of much better spin-off shows. For example, a Small Wonder re-boot starring zombie daughter. Call me, TV world. I got LOTS more ideas like this.
Why would they spend the effort to dig three graves when they only had one body?!

Why did they dig a grave for Carol when they're not even sure she's dead, and didn't bother looking for her!!

Why would a colony of seemingly normal people suddenly take great pleasure in cartoonish blood sport?!!!

Why do the writers expect us to give two shits about anything Michonne does when they haven't done anything to establish her charactor or her relationship with blondie?!!!

When is Breaking Bad back on?!!!!!
Twinkle hands up (or whatever those people call it) in regards to excess grave digging. Don't these people have some zombie bodies to burn? Sheesh!!