The holiday season is nearly upon us (again? already?!) and restaurants are changing their tunes accordingly... from light, seasonal specials to rich flavors, indulgent entrees, anything that makes our mouths water on a primal level and makes our waistbands expand accordingly. And bars are following suit—warm spices, liqeuers, and (literally) drink temperatures to sooth and make spirits bright. And for $20 this Sunday afternoon, you can learn to make such festive libations at home and sample some standout cocktails while you're at it. Hang out at the bar at Riffle NW with bar manager and recent San Francisco transplant Brandon Josie, a really nice guy and an awesome bartender, and learn how to make some badass seasonal drinks before the joint even opens for their first Holiday Cocktail Boot Camp. Riffle NW's incredible (and expensive) ice machine might not be getting such a workout this winter, but I doubt their drinks will suffer for lack of originality. The price tag is pretty reasonable for three drinks, and they promise will be complimentary snacks from the kitchen to cushion your liver. And seriously, check out Brandon—hard to say no to spending time with that face. Reservations for the class available by calling 503-894-8978, and class starts at 3:30 pm.

Riffle NWs Brandon Josie
  • Katie Burnett
  • Riffle NW's Brandon Josie

Riffle NW is located at 333 NW 14th.