Close Shaving Razor Technology Rends Asunder All Hopes of Outkast Reunion


First off- This is my favorite poll on Blogtown in years.

I picked Aquemini as the best album but ATLiens is still my favorite. I was into Southern.. but they didn't really hit me until ATLiens came out and I played the shit out of that record for 2 years straight.
It was a tough one between Aquemini and Stankonia, but Stank is the one I am more likely to listen to all the way through.
what a joke. i've never been a fan of these guys, but resorting to doing razor commercials is fucking pathetic. even more pathetic when we take into consideration that, surely, it's not like the guy needs the money.

no, it's not called 'style', andre; it's called 'selling the fuck out' and 'being gillette's bitch'.

my favorite album is the one that doesn't exist.
Where is the who gives a shit option?