Another High-Profile Grab for Parks Bureau; Another Chief of Staff for Sam Adams


Got to secure everyone a fat job in the permanent bureaucracy before the clock runs out. Looks like Ruiz will be left holding the bag on Dec. 31.

I'm surprised that Adams hasn't given himself some middle management job at one of the bureaus. Maybe his last act as mayor.
After four years, the Mercury declares that Ruiz was one of Adams' "smartest hires." No harm, no foul, right Mercury?

You can't walk away from your lax ethics that easily.
By "ahem" do you mean one of your journalists covered up a scandal in exchange for a job?

On behalf of Bob Ball and all of the voters who were duped by Amy's dishonesty and affected by her personal agenda, fuck you, chubbs.
Does getting that won't exist in a few months is a promotion?
All before my time in town, y'all. I just write about what's happening in 2012. But if the tiny violin fits, by all means...
I have a hunch you got up to speed pretty quickly.