Charming Maine Racist Says the Election Was a Fraud Because He Saw Black People Voting


Hey, Fred Phelps is a Democrat.
Fred Phelps is also vehemently opposed to racism and was a prominent civil rights attorney early in his career. Ever noticed who god doesn't seem to hate? Crazy, huh?
I don't expect Blogtown to stop re-posting PC's Slog fodder, but you should expect to get some amount of shit for it. You seriously banned SJR?! For "aggressive trolling" no less? I don't agree with most of what he went on about, nor do I disagree with all of it....but for fucks sake, he probably logged more hours a day on this site than the staff. I never saw him get overtly vulgar or profane, at least no less than some of his critics, and I don't think he was trolling. I think he was speaking his mind. If you don't want 30 comment flame war going, you're no obligated to react. He was the only thing entertaining about Paul Constant, he was the Joker to Paul's Batman.
Read this, Spindles. This is reason he was banned. Vulgar? Yes? Funny? You decide. The end is the best....
"Aggressive trolling" is PC's entire job description. Surely a commenter wouldn't get banned for simply doing what the staff is paid to do.
Well, in the end, Spindles, he was the Rorschach to Alison's Doctor Manhattan, wasn't he?
That he was Todd, that he was...
None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with *ME*!
Ive seen alot worse in the Merc Blog comments than anything SJR ever wrote. My guess is that his comments were repeatedly reported by someone that became a little too obsessed with his unpopular opinions.
Or a lot of someones that weren't really that obsessed but numerous enough.