Here's the new video from Chris Uehlein, AKA Unkle Funkle—White Fang bassist, exhibitionist, and merry prankster. It's the title track from his sorta-new album Picture of My Dick, and yes, you will see quite a bit of male nudity in this NSFW video, courtesy of Mikey Peterman AKA 99¢ from the band Nude Sunrise, and Justin Leon Johnson AKA J Green from Purple and Green, although you don't see Funkle's junkle. (For that, look to the album cover—it depicts the title quite literally. It's over on Bandcamp, and don't say I didn't warn you.)

"Picture of My Dick" is a warped, braindead synth-sex jam with melted-sounding vocals and an almost graceful beauty that's undermined by its raunchiness. (Listen to a longer version, including its prelude "Made a Mistake," here.) The record came out digitally earlier this year, will be available on vinyl this week through Marriage Records, and Burger Records will have a cassette edition in the coming weeks. Unkle Funkle performs Sunday, November 25 at Valentine's and Thursday, December 6 at Slabtown. (A previously scheduled appearance on Tuesday, November 20 at Backspace has been cancelled.)