Blazers vs. Rockets - Hot Live Blog Action


What did I miss? Is the Rose Garden super pissed at that no call?
The Blazers look good but they're playing Houston's game.
I am so happy we finally have a player like Lillard.
I appreciate this mini-rivalry we have going with Houston.
nice job typing a billion words you dickless fuck. Sorry, had to get a little cursing out of my system after 30min on blazersedge. To cop one of their memes, WOOOT good win. Also, why does the Merc have popups? I visit on a mac, popup. I visit on a work PC with probably top notch virus protection, popup. What's with you dickless worms?
Thank you, Jacob. And thank you, Wooot. It was weird, considering how slow and lackluster Aldridge played tonight to look up at the end of the game and see he got 20+ points.

Anyway - Wooot, if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see as opposed to the billion words style I'm currently rocking, feel free to offer them. I'm definitely open to whatever ideas blogtown might have over what direction the liveblogs should go.

Well, any idea but "get rid of pop-ups" because I have no control over that. And I already had the "bring Ezra back" idea, but he's busy running the Old Gold. But he's said if he gets the time freed up, he's gonna come back to do a couple.
I enjoyed reading this.
According to this summation, a Wallace appeared in the 4th quarter. Was there some trade stipulation that we'd get joint custody of Gerald? Or did Rasheed and/or Ben sneak into the arena?
WEEEIRD. Fixed. Thanks!
dude, i don't give a flying-fuck about basketball. i can follow it, and i played a little in my youth, but i have no real desire to see a game anymore, live or not.

nor do i really care to read about it. that being said, i perused this and found it to be quite well done and impressive -- the perfect balance between educated commentary and timely f-bombs.

stick with the billion words thing; why the fuck else would someone want to read a live blog if not to ingest something thoroughly-thorough.
"What the fuck do shaved Hobbits know about what's good these days, anyway"

I'm not complaining about the 1 billion word jab. Can't a guy be earnest on the web in the 21st century?