DRAMA CLUB: One Last Thing About this Stupid PCS Feud, I Promise!


She wrote an entire review once about how badly she had to take a leak. I'll admit to looking forward to her pieces just to confirm my opinion of her as a miserable hack that uses snark to make up for a lack of any actual insight into a production. The move definitely makes PCS look petulant and it was a petty thing to do but anyone that was coming here for a genuine review with any sort of integrity should have their head examined.
Fuck em. PCS doesn't need the press. Go review smaller productions.
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Great comment! Thanks so much for weighing in with your opinion. You're awesome!

P.S. Why do you call yourself "PDXjerk"? You're so nice.
I never read the theater reviews so I have no idea but if PDXJerk is describing a typical review, then it sounds like PCS is justified in asking the Merc to not come back.
Ah, the infamous "I had to pee" review. Here it is, in case anyone is curious:

We get a lot of those "had to pee" reviews during TBA, and we'll gladly take more—better than most coverage these days.
It is still a pretty positive review! That's impressive. I can't be positive about anything that gets in the way of me taking a pee.
I have to pee, so I'll keep this short. All parties in this dispute -- Hallett, Humpy and PCS -- are too self-absorbed to be of much use to actual theatre patrons. Good for online entertainment, at least.
Alison, next time you have to pee during a show, ask yourself "What would (Todd's old pal) Lawrence Tierney do?" (last 15 paragraphs, if you don't want to read the whole thing):

Yes, but how many shows has Ms. Hallett soiled herself during because she was so encapsulated by the excitment? This is the real question. I happen to know that Ms. Hallett has never left a production of a certain television show performed in a park without her trousers dripping front to back! And said show rarely clocks in over 45min in length. Professionalism? I say yay.
@ guspasho

As always, thanks for weighing in! Even when you have absolutely no knowledge of the situation, your comments are GOLD, my friend. GOLD! Seriously, please compile all your comments into a book, because the rest of the world can't wait to read them. I know I can't! STELLAR WORK!! A+++++
now THIS is drama! -- take notes, theater bitches.
In my head everybody on this thread is singing and wearing animal costumes.
this is a much better comedy than anything in portland. everyone is so mad
I haven't been to a play in 16 years and one time I saw a Merc on the ground in the bathroom and there were shit particles on it and since then I can't pick up an issue without throwing up, so I haven't actually read anything that Hallett's written BUT I did read some of these comments in the previous thread, and when you think about it who totally cares about whether some wannabes wanna put on plays and/or review plays cuz nobody with brains is gonna see/read them anyway BLOGTOWNTOWN FOR LIFE GONNA COMMENT TIL I DIE.
Hey Humphreys, I thought you wanted a massage circle? Instead its become a circle jerk as usual. Do you just sit around the office all day jerking off Eric, Allison and Bobby? Cause you arent involved in any sort of respectable journalism, thats for sure. I imagine each day you give each Mercury staff writer a to do list, which includes 1.) Write another review of my friends band or their new restaurant so they get free advertising from us again. 2.) Jerk off Eric Hendrickson while sucking off Bobby Roberts and let Allison Hartlett videotape it for next years Hump. 3.) Make a fart joke. 4.) Troll your own blog posts. 5.) Make a dick joke. 6.) Pretend the people of Portland like us and think we are funny and clever.
So WSH first complains about how "the terrible things some people say about [our] honest, unbiased work makes me want to take an ax to someone's head." And then, in the comments, he berates people for being jerks and not really knowing what they're talking about?

Isn't that also PCS' complaint?

I mean, don't get me wrong, PCS really seems like a bunch of whiny babies ... also.
@grumpyoldman: So I don't ENTIRELY understand your comment, but... you're jerking me off at some point today, right? I'm free around 4:30.

Oh, ho ho! TOUCHE, my friend! Goddammit, you guys are really KILLING IT today in the comments! Seriously, SO... GOOD. I remember back when we first started the blog, and I was against having commenters because I figured they would eventually denigrate into making dumb, mindless comments that would actually scare real discourse away. HOW WRONG I WAS! You guys bring so much JOY and LIGHT and most importantly INTELLIGENCE to the world, and believe me when I say, that YOU tODD, and all your commenting compatriots here on Blogtown are THE... FUCKING... BEST. Don't EVER stop!!