As reported in Good Morning News, Hostess is going out of business, and everybody on the internet's running around screaming like suddenly Twinkies have always been their favorite thing in the world but you know what? No. WHAT ABOUT CHOCODILES?

Thankfully, one man has stepped up to the plate and is trying to save Chocodiles from extinction. Jake Richmond is the local comics creator behind the world's most adorable and charming webcomic, Modest Medusa, starring Medusa, who hangs out in toilets and likes to play on her Nintendo DS and loves Chocodiles with an unholy and terrifying passion. Go read Modest Medusa and look at how addictive and charming it is. And once you've spent your whole day reading comic after comic, head over to Richmond's Save Chocodiles Facebook page, a place for Chocodile and/or Modest Medusa fans to post their "Chocodile stories, art, jokes, and fan fiction. Yes, Chocodile fan fiction. Please."

The page already features some of Medusa's finest Chocodile moments, a photo of Richmond giving away a Chocodile to a delighted child at the Stumptown Comics Fest, a heartfelt plea for Medusa to replace the already-fired Chauncey Chocodile as the Chocodile mascot, and touching Chocodile memories.

Let's save Chocodiles. Let's do it for Medusa.