Whites Only


I think minorities/liberals/hippies/Americans should look at this as a wake up call to purchase a gun for themselves.

Here's an article that walks you through all of the important steps, and how you can own a rifle for $200:


Do you really want to live in a nation where only white racists own guns?
Well, this is in Arizona so...no big surprise there. I'm looking at you Miss Brewer and "Sheriff" Joe.
So besides the headline, where exactly does it say "Whites Only"?


Obama did fine with white voters. Quit race-baiting.
I'm thinking it's probably not a coincidence that the opening phrase for this post was "I'm guessing".

I mean, is the author not aware of the relative positions of most Democrats and Republicans on the issue of gun control?

Maybe the Mercury's demographic target is equally racist? Sure, why not? Let's say that.
Well, the address is on "White Mtn. Blvd".
Wasn't the actual content of the ad bad enough? Couldn't you just gone with that, instead of making up racism?
Silly Reymont, they'd have to use logic then, and logic is hard. It's so much easier to shout "racist!" and go to the bar...
Riiiiight, because a bunch of White people not voting for Obama has NOTHING to do with race. Please, keep saying that.
Why would this "Proud American" gun dealer use a Russian AK 47 in his ad? From "God Bless America" The gun dealer quotes a great man, "AK-47, when you absolutely, positively have to waste every single muthafucka in the room, accept no substitutes."
Have you ever been to Pinetop, AZ? Cause I have, and I'm pretty confident they don't have to worry about any minorities there. That area of the state is about as redneck as they come. They are already terrified of them 'liberals' from Phoenix that are taking over (by which I mean, buying up all the pretty land for 2nd/3rd homes.)

That is who this is meant for.