Bus Drivers and NE Portland Neighbors Push TriMet to Tweak Cuts


I didn't realize the union had changed its name to Marathon Productions. What exactly are they advertising?
Good to know Marathon Production's current advertising budget.
What are you talking about? I looked at every link and still don't see anything about "Marathon Productions." The only error I see is "Martin Luther King Avenue" (it's Blvd.).
By "quietly adjusting" I'm sure you meant "going back to driving our fucking cars and riding our fucking bikes because trimet fucking sucks."
There will be no Board meeting on the 28th. The next Board meeting will be on December 5, 2012. The next Woodlawn General meeting will be tomorrow night and the main topic of business will be electing officers and filling positions for the next year. Anjala, a Board Member
If no one is riding to Jubitz (and I have to assume they aren't, otherwise the bus would continue to go there), why should they go miles out of the way to service a stop that isn't being used? Many other bus lines turn around in neighborhoods and not at truck stops and everything is fine. Heck, the #8 used to turn around at The Very Same Spot less than 10 years ago without any drama whatsoever. The drivers usually stop at Rose Quarter and use the toilets there and they have moved the stop back a ways from the businesses at Durham. It is also not on the same side of the street as any residences, though again, many bus routes do end up in residential areas, turn off their engines, and all is well. While there are some voices in Woodlawn who may feel strongly about this issue, many of us don't agree at all with the protest. I've watched bus service get less and less over the past 10 years and have to believe the complainers truly don't 'get it' that some of us Want the buses and don't consider them an annoyance, but a link to the city.
I am one bus rider who lives somewhere along that abandoned 2.5 miles of the old #8 route.
I am also a bike rider who can no longer safely bike through the Woodlawn Triangle on Dekum.
And I am a Woodlawn resident who uses the park and frequents the businesses in the Triangle.

My opinion: this sucks. It is not as heinous as the practice of putting light rail and trolley tracks on bike routes. It is not as dangerous as the (few) violent and aggressive bus drivers out there. But it sure does make me realize that once again the 'hood gets the shaft (smelly idling buses blocking traffic and a long walk to catch the bus) while the Rose Quarter gets a street car. How many times could the #8 have made that trip to Jubitz with the money spent on the Eastside streetcar?

Once again ego and ignorance on high cost those of us at the bottom in terms of our money, time, and quality of life. Like I said, I live in Woodlawn. My neighbors may be bus drivers, but they are certainly not the ones who cut service and raised ticket prices.

"If no one is riding to Jubitz (and I have to assume they aren't, otherwise the bus would continue to go there)"

You must not be very familiar with public transportation funding in Portland.