As Reported Sexual Assaults Increase, PSU Considers Creating its Own Police Force



Adding cops just adds to the chance of a Magana on campus... The last thing college kids need are a bunch of trigger happy cops who will go to the mat to protect their own even if they are rapists.
Unless they're all female cops.

I don't know that sworn police officers are any likelier than campus security persons to be "a Magaña"
As a scholar with a PhD stringing together too many jobs, maybe the university could hire me. I'd finally get a consistent job at a university with bennies, they could brag about having more PhDs, there would be no "trigger-happy cops," and it would probably look good on my CV so long as I left out the fact I was a glorified hall monitor.
PSU is horribly run already and having them try to operate an armed police force is f***ing insane.
Siiigh, when will people learn?

The answer to this issue is NOT more cops nor a PSU private police force. Women need to ARM themselves! Watch out for each other. Male companions should do the same. Call out (and handle) douchebags who rape or get too close to rape.

All these would be just a start, more can be done, i'm sure.

And i'm not playing either, i'm DEAD SERIOUS! If citizens keep forfeiting their security over to authoritarians in order to have safety, what you will end up with is LESS security, LESS safety, and MORE authority! History shows us this, repeatedly. WAKE UP, DUMMIES!
Oh wow, Dumbosa is DEAD SERIOUS now.
Will women packing heat end victim-blaming and cut through bureaucratic delays? does PSU even allow students to have weapons on campus currently? should lesser instances of assault be met with deadly force? how should I respond the next time DamosA or his friend mosh onto my toes at a metal show?
mind you, I'm not advocating for armed cops either, it certainly wouldn't solve acquaintance rape....but campus coverups are more what I'm used to, and I don't think times have changed that much.
I do know some thing has to be done, a good friend of mine was assaulted last year along with many other women over the last few years. If there are that many reported cases how many do you think go unreported?
PSU does not allow firearms on campus. Lots of students break this policy, including the student who prevented a mass murder last year, when a knife wielding man broke into their dorm/apartment at 3am with a knife and said, "I'm going to kill you all!" One rack of a 870 was enough to send the would-be murderer running. I know a few students and teachers that carry on a daily basis.

I totally favor EXPANDING firearms rights and promoting the concept of armed students. Arming every student who is interested in being armed at PSU isn't going to deter a lot of violence (because it will be at most 2% of college students), but propagating the idea that most students are armed will deter a lot of violence.

If the ISO spent 10% of their posters saying, "WARNING RAPISTS: Our girls are armed." That would scare the shit out of assholes.

Give the college girls tasers, give one to every girl that asks for one. We already give them to the cops: who's worse? A taser has to be registered before it can be activated, and shots of tasers leave hundreds of micro ID tags on the victim. We would never have abuse of the tasers because of accountability, and crime would drop significantly.

Ha! Anyways, my idea isn't going to float, PSU inevitably will have more security in the future. I think this is less about helping victims of sexual assault, and more about having resources for the cops to harass students about drugs.
What is the break down of assaults into acquaintance and non-acquaintance? Weapons are not likely to have any impact at all on the number of acquaintance assaults and will likely have a significant impact on the latter.

As far as adding police and controlling them. PSU could arm its proposed cops and have a policy that says they cannot use the guns for any reason at all, ever. If one did use a gun, they could be fired, but would still be held to the Graham standard (fear of serious injury) for prosecution purposes.
"The big problem is not lack of police officers, but rape culture. What we need to support is making women feel safe," said Sarah Levy, a member of PSU's international socialist organization. "We shouldn't assume policing is the answer."

This. This. This. This. and again: THIS
@happyhedonist - do you have a proposal to address rape culture in our society? Having sat through countless hours of people droning on about what a horrible rapist I am by design (i.e. white male), I have yet to hear a tangible proposition to address this practically. In all honesty, I’m curious what can be done.