Cupcakes are the Hatecrimes of the Cake World


hey alex,
thanks for this great opinion piece. you're slowly turning into the new a.tonry who is this generation's emily harris of printed media.
blogtown reader miguel
No such thing as too much frosting, your opinion is half-baked.
And with that post the Mercury discovers what everyone else has known for two or three years, that cupcakes as a fad are now passé.
Fuck you.
Cupcakes and cake-pops don't exist at the expense of normal cake, Falcone. Sometimes you don't need all of that cake, oh whats this, a delicious little cake given to me by a smiling chubby woman? Perfect. Thank you, universe of endless wonder. (I'm gonna mule kick you at the open mic tonight)
Fondant cakes aren't good neither, it is just dry pseudo cake whith tons of sugar that nobody eats, and filled with... jam!. When you have spent all your money in a beatiful fondant cake you probably will be happy but when you see that everybody left the expensive thing in the plate you will be, well, sorry.
While I admire your childlike wonder, Karmel, you're just wrong. I've been to numerous cupcake-only weddings and it's a huge disappointment. If they weren't cool, there would have been a real cake there.

As for you, @NC, you get no argument from me on that front. But when you get married outdoors, your options are limited. Buttercream melts, so most places won't sell you a cake unless it's got fondant. I'm desperately searching for a not-dry fondant-covered cake to spend too much money on.