Good Morning News!


I left a comment on the GMN! a couple days ago about Jeremy Hammond in hopes that someone at the Mercury would write about his plight.

Hammond is accused of hacking into Stratfor's email system and handing those emails over to Wikileaks. Wikileaks in turn published this information under the "Global Intelligence Files".

This hack is not yet as consequential as the Iraq War Logs and Diplomatic Cables (what Bradley Manning is accused of taking from the US government), which directly contributed to the Arab Spring and end of the Iraq War; however, the Stratfor hack has provided a unique window into the capabilities of private intelligence firms, as an example: Stratfor has virtually the same capabilities and intelligence resources as the CIA and DOD, that, this private company actually has contracts with both of those organizations, and considers them strategic assets. It's entirely likely the Statfor even leverages the same intelligence assets (i.e. spies) that the CIA and DOD are using. This should be deeply concerning, as the CIA and DOD are contained (supposedly) by the Rule of Law, and the United States Constitution, whereas Stratfor is a global company that answers to no one. Stratfor's capabilities are only limited by their cash flow.

Hence, this hack has provided unprecedented access to an entirely secretive world, a world where crimes go unpunished, spying and sabotage are routine - and unlike the CIA or DOD, this is not for the benefit of Americans at all.

I have a deep empathy for Bradley Manning and think he’s the emblem of American heroism, but we shouldn’t forget or ignore others who are working towards the same thing. If you spend a moment researching who Jeremy Hammond is, you’ll find another emblem of the type of people who change the whole world, and it’s just as likely that Hammond will spend the rest of his days locked up in a jail cell, or killed, in order to protect this secret world of spies.
In other news, I just flew in from Hong Kong, and boy are my jokes tired. Glad I missed all that rain last week, anyway.