I Hope The Discovery Channel Never Runs Out of Shows About Unsafe Gold Mining


If they ain't makin' moonshine too, I ain't watchin'.
These shows sound way better than Redneck Island. Alex, have you tuned in to that one? It's on Saturday nights at like 11pm.
So, pretty much everyone who lives outside of Portland and is not in your little subculture is a "redneck" or "hick"? Fail. These shows do suck though. However the fact you watch them says a lot about you.
I'm sorry, I made this unclear. I LOVE these shows. And I haven't watched Redneck Island but you can be certain I will now.
They call themselves rednecks, @The Showstopper. Also, the 8 inch goatees might have given it away too.
Discovery Channel hates the environment, apparently.
I got sucked into a 5 episode marathon last night watching Jungle Gold, by episode 4, I dared my daughter to change the channel! After all, it was her who recorded the series and placed them in my Comcast recorded shows.
“I will ground you, say I won’t.. NOW. GIVE. ME. THE. REMOTE. BACK.”