Nerds vs. Sexism, Part 57, With a Twist


Ha, like I needed more reason not to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

That is disturbing.
Are you kidding me? Have you ever read a superhero comic book? Nerd culture, comics especially, are horribly misogynistic. That sort of thing tends to happen when your target audience is thirteen year old boys. The stuff that's written there could have been excerpted from any given issue of Wizard Magazine. This doesn't even begin to cover the rampant sexism in the comics themselves, from the rank objectification against women (see that picture that made the rounds on FB where all the Avengers were making ladies' poses, trying to show off their tits and asses at the same time) to the rampant violence (Google Women in Refrigerators), much less the teenage-boy-oriented media surrounding them.

This is par for the course. Anybody who tries to tar and feather this guy ought to be looking at the entire industry he works in.

You're not wrong. But do you think this should have been left alone *just* because it's so rampant?
At this point, anyone actively describing themselves as a nerd should be embarrassed. It's at the same approximate level of awfulness as self-identifying as a pick-up artist.
Why is there a photo of Matt Davis in this post?
For what it's worth Gunn also wrote a post on on the superheroes he himself would have sex with, and then also took that post down.…
@ Medda, it should not be left alone, but the reaction is completely misguided.

James Gunn is not a secret bigot in an otherwise pristine industry. To focus on this "buried" post is to ignore all the rest of his work that is empowering to women and GLBT-friendly.

Demanding his head doesn't address the problem, and disproportionately punishes an ally for engaging in something that is endemic to the world he works in. Which, for all their identification of the subtle prejudices in in the post, is a point that seems to escape The Mary Sue (in the "calls for boycotts" link.)

It absolutely needs a discussion about sexism, homophobia, etc. But calling for people's heads, especially James Gunn's, isn't going to solve anything. You'll only generate backlash, and even if you're successful, you're going to leave the industry with no one left working in it.
Damn my too casual pronouns. "Even if *they* are successful".
this debate reminds me of another superhero, SNOREGAZMO
I went and looked at the original article - since the quoted bits were suspiciously out of order - and found it puerile. I'm well aware that nerd culture stoops to discussing which imaginary cartoon girl is the most fuckable, and even so - really, nerd culture? Really?

At the same time, I'm dismayed by the way that the feminist gestapo has managed to singlehandedly dictate the terms of the nerd vs. sexism debate - here as in every other instance. There is another side to all this, but it can't seem to find its voice for all the shrieking harpies and yes-men that inevitably descend on anyone daring to speak for it.