Noted Shitbag Grover Norquist Wishes Every Month Was Armageddon


What is even funnier with respect to his evangelical teabag supporters is that Norquist's wife is a muslim and was one of the people pushing for the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. Republicans are the biggest lying hypocrites. Personally, I never had a problem with that mosque since it had basically been there for a couple of years and there is another that is almost as close. But to hear some of the crap that the mosque haters were spewing and then to see those same bigots backing the husband of the one of the Mosque supporters. It is like the whole Ayn Rand thing. Oh yeah, we love Jesus so much except when it comes to helping the sick and poor and then screw Jesus and lets do what Ayn Rand said to do. The delusional hypocritical lying abilities of the Repugs is just beyond belief.
"Republicans are the biggest lying hypocrites."

Sure, they are, but did Norquist ever attack Muslims or the "Ground Zero Mosque", or participate in any of that anti-Muslim hysteria bullshit? Before you answer, realize that anti-tax bullshit (the only bullshit I've ever heard him spew) is not remotely the same.
All this from a man that as a 12-year-old vowed to end public funding for television because there's only room for one Grover in this country.