Who Needs an Anti-Fluoridation Referendum?


Wow, that video is great. Almost as accurate as the science behind the efficacy of putting fluoride chemicals into drinking water.

In all seriousness, a Brita filter ain't going to filter that shit out. There are only a few types of filtration systems that actually work, and even then they only remove about 90% of the waste chemical.

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are you sure that eugenics is always a bad idea?
In all seriousness, why is no one complaining about the chlorine, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, or who knows whatever other highly toxic industrial byproducts that they already put in our tap water? Chlorine, ammonia, and sodium hydroxide are all way more toxic than fluoride, and probably also in rat poison and other types of poison too.
Chlorine is added to treat the water against disease-causing bacteria. It's not added to treat people. Fluoride is added as "medication" without any regard to dosage, case history, or consent.

Ammonia, sodium hydroxide and rat poison? Hmmm, not quite up to speed on that one. However, if it helps you sleep at night the Safe Drinking Water Act does not require EPA to regulate the use of additives in drinking water.

Fluoride fights bacteria in your mouth and prevents them from causing infections.

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They can fluoridate it as long as they carbonate it as well. (And maybe add a dash of orange bitters.)
Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. No adult has ever walked out of their doctor's office with a prescription for the fluoride drug because it is deadly poison and the body has no known use for it. It is never included in any multi-vitamin formulation. Drinking it to prevent tooth decay is as foolish as drinking sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Every fluoride toothpaste tube carries the warning "if swallowed, call a poison control center immediately."

As a top scientist and the premier international authority on fluoride, last year Dr. Paul Connett's published his most recent book "The Case Against Fluoride." It contains over 1200 studies (80 pages) and sound scientific reasoning showing the ineffectiveness and dangers to health including cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ, kidney disease, arthritis and other serious health problems.