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Still no word on how Graham's comments got de-capslocked, just one day before I passed him?
Wow, I just don't see your insanity Mirk, which only makes me conclude that your firearm vendetta is actually exclusively through ignorance. Firearm Rights are about freedom. If I gave you one of my AK47 rifles, and you kept it in your closet, would that automatically make you insane? Would you automatically have a desire to begin killing people simply because you owned the tool to do so? Of course not: you're a rational person, and you can exercise your freedom safely.

Nor would you rationally call for the firearms in Syria to be restricted from Civilians, nor the firearms in Poland in 1939, nor the firearms right now in the Congo.

The problem in each of those situations is that the Government was the only people with guns. If you look even briefly through history, you’ll see that a massacre happens when only one side is capable of self-defense. Civilians in this country are truly blessed to have the freedom to protect themselves. Of course, with that freedom, there's noxious and horrible abuse of it. On a similar ground neo-Nazis hold rallies and say all sorts of horrible stuff, and through saying these things they inspire each other to do actual violence to innocent people, but a rational and educated person would not call for the restrictions of free speech simply because it is abused.

In earnest I’m willing to educate you or anyone from the Mercury in firearms – but you don’t have to go through me to learn to appreciate the value of safety, go out to Beavercreek (in Hillsboro) and talk to the armorer and put some rounds down range. Education is the key to preserving and appreciating rights, once you understand the value and need of the Right to own firearms, you’ll still see the abuse of the Right, but you won’t easily dismiss it.
I am not in favor of having just anyone own firearms and i feel that more extensive backround checks should be performed. That said, guns don't kill people, people kill people. A firearm is a tool, nothing more or less. I agree with FA points as well
So the administration that sent thousands of untraceable full-auto machine guns, grenades and heavy artillery to Mexican cartels want's to ban semi-auto's for citizens. Sounds about right.

Say, as the CIA continues to arm and fund the insurgents massacring across Syria for a war machine that just cannot wait to pull the trigger on you think Obama wears his peace prize?