The Controversy That Wasn't, The Apology That Was, and the Word "Satire."


I bet it was totally an accident that he wrote a blog post that objectified female comic book characters, and that the pictures for females were super sexualized.

Unrelatedly, here is a picture of the main character from the video game he made:…
Even tangentially, this is the most anyone has cared about anything to do with Gaurdians of the Galaxy.
He has created the template for every other misogynist nerd (redundant, I know) to get out of whatever stupid shit they've done.

"Oh noeses! I was being satirical! I guess Poes Law strikes again. Better luc
@caustic: Gunn didn't "make" that game, he wrote the story. Like other Grasshopper Manufacture games, it's completely over the top, tongue in cheek, and kind of terrible.

This nontroversy will be forgotten in about as much time as it's going to take me to finish this breakfast burrito.
I like 'nontroversy,' cat. Here's another to enjoy with your lunch burrito (?)…

There. Better.
The troublesome bit is that fellas like him may never actually understand why he's such a douchebag.
I'm going with the greater douchebag principle on this one. He is only guilty of making jokes in poor taste. That's a pretty common, low level of douchiness, no better or worse than anything that Wm Steven Humphrey has ever written. What's even more douchy is conflating that with real homophobia and trying to smear him as a bigot. I'll defend poor taste against false accusations that trivialize homophobia any day.
If this caused such an uproar, why aren't people getting similarly upset about how Family Guy has jokes that are in poor taste?
@ROM, because it's not that many people, just a few especially vocal ones with knee spasms, and the reporting just makes it seem like that's an "uproar".

It reminds me of a few other "controversies" that are entirely driven by one or a few obsessively dedicated people, like the anti-Semetic smears against City Bikes, every where you look it's being driven entirely and only by the Rose City Antifascists.
Also, while I don't know who else was driving this issue, the writer at The Mary Sue who was linked in the original post here has accepted the apology, which speaks well of her too since this is a bullshit non-issue to begin with. Spend your energy exposing and shaming the real bigots, please.…