So this guy gets a new (hot) study pal named "Angela"—and things go from good to great to I really wish he hadn't shared this with us.

A week later, we went to her apartment to study and after we finished, “Angela” gave me a hug, then we started to make out. I tried to tell her to stop because making out with someone I don't know well isn’t, in my opinion, “not right”, but I just tried to enjoy myself. A week after that, we went to her apartment again, only this time we didn’t study, we had sex.

Fast forward to now. Over the past two months, the times we hooked up have changed from making out, to very light sex, to as if “Angela” and I are re-enacting scenes from 50 Shades of Gray. Now, I’m starting to regret ever studying with her in the first place.

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