September's XOXO fest was an amazingly cool thing. A tech conference focused on innovation and the arts, it brought a dizzying array of high-level talent to town, and supplemented the conference itself with a range of free, open-to-the-public film, music, and video game programming. One of the festival's highlights is now online: A keynote speech from Community creator Dan Harmon.

Check out YouTube for more XOXO highlights, including speeches from the Atavist's Evan Ratliff, MythBusters' Adam Savage, and 4chan founder Chris Poole. I particularly enjoyed this presentation from locals Maggie Vail and Jesse Von Doom, founders of CASH music, an opensource toolbox for helping musicians promote and distribute their music. (Those guys are badass, and Maggie gets big points for referencing Bikini Kill at a tech conference.)