My, What A Busy Day(!) For The Timbers!


Surprised Smith sent away. Bummed, too. He improved the most, was tough and consistent. Unflappable, too. He stood up to the biggest dicks in the league, no flinches. We need more, not less of these guys.
Agree TSW. Agree.
It is not clear that Smith is gone if you look at the Timbers website. The only thing that could indicate that is Smith's tweet. But even that doesn't say he is leaving. Any clarity on this?
@DemonDog The team hasn't given official word on Smith, and his name wasn't among Timbers on the MLS re-entry draft list (Palmer, Purdy and Wallace—all of whom had their options declined—though as I mention above, Wallace is reportedly re-negotiating a deal).…

But based on Smith and Merritt Paulson's tweets (the latter of which included Smith's name in the list of let-go players), it appears Smith has played his last match for Portland.