The City Had Someone Look Inside Your Food Scrap Carts


"find restart kind of weekly"

Dadaist poetry? Middle line of a haiku?
Charlie Hales: taking the Democratic party back to the Republicans where he came from!

Also, about a month after the garbage system changed, my lady friend and I switched to 1x / month garbage service. We haven't had a problem.

If Denis and I can do it, WTF is their problem?
Clearly, your situation is universally applicable to everyone in the city.
All I'm saying is my situation is often invoked as a worst-case scenario, and it's not actually a worst-case scenario.
it's true; twice-a-month garbage pickup isn't often enough for some folks, unless they actually take the 'time' and 'effort' to separate-out their recyclables and compostibles, thereby diverting a huge percentage of their 'trash' into one of those silly blue or green bins.

pain in the ass, i know -- i lose at least 35 seconds of my life every week placing different things in different bins -- fuck my life.

and here i thought that being forced to shit in a toilet was bad enough.....where have my basic human rights gone??
Interesting. The total amount of stuff we throw away actually increased by 20,000 tons in that year.