The Big Question: How Should We Treat Anti-Geniuses?


I got that book for free years ago, someone had boxes and boxes of copies on the waterfront during a festival or something. Anyway, JESUS CHRIST IT IS SO FUCKING TERRIBLE.
I've never even heard of it.
Anyway, with bands and books, it's always the same. Anybody could, yes. That doesn't mean everybody should.
I mean, what's so wrong with being a basement band forever? Or just sharing your poorly-written bullshit with your diary? And you know who will go on and on about how awful critics are? Joe Rogan. Don't be that guy, and know when you Are being that guy.
Tenacious D already answered this question:
i too got that book for free years ago at a phish concert. I read it twice. What the hell are you talking about? That is a good story about a college kid struggling to find his identity after college. I am the ram too.